A Thomas Brooks Quote

“There cannot be a greater evidence of God’s hatred and wrath than His refusing to correct men for their sinful courses and vanities!

Where God refuses to correct, there God resolves to destroy! There is no man so near God’s axe, so near the flames, so near hell, as he whom God will not so much as spend a rod upon! “As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent.” (Rev 3:19).

God is most angry when He shows no anger!”–Thomas Brooks

(I found this quote on NCFIC)

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“Set Free” a short video

This is a video starring a young man from our church.  His sister is in it also (she was the one he was arguing with.)  They are the family that made the award winning animated video “Bound”.  This one is called “Set Free”.  It is a very powerfully moving short video.

They have also helped make and participated in a few other movies/short videos.  Such as, “Jamie Douglas: A Scottish Martyr”, Greg is one of the men on horse back.  He also stars in “Firefly” found on Vimeo .  He also participated in “Beyond the Mask” which will be in select theaters this month.

This is a very talented family, that desire to bring glory to God.  They use their talents very well.

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Award Winning Video


Do you have any children who enjoy those plastic building blocks? Do you like movies with good story lines? Do you like to have your children watch wholesome, God honoring movies?

Some friends from our church created this movie and showed it at the …


…where it won first place in the animated category this past weekend.  We are really proud of this brother and sister team who worked for over 6 years to make this movie a reality.

Go to their website and check it out…Monitogo.  Then if you are interested you can order the video…Monitogo store.

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The Tattooed Jesus (book review)

The Tattooed Jesus: What Would the Real Jesus Do with Pop Culture?  

by Kevin Swanson

Would Jesus tattoo Leviticus 19:28 on his thigh?  Doesn’t that sound like an absurd question?  A decade or two ago it wouldn’t have even been asked.  But in some churches today the question is asked and the answer is “maybe” or even “yes”.  What has changed to make it an acceptable thought?  In short, our culture has changed.  The church has allowed the culture of the world to all but break down its doors.  It has invited the thoughts, values and ideas of the world to penetrate the very fiber of the church. “The great Christian apostasy began with a reversal in the mind of Western man about the nature of reality, truth and ethics—doubt prevailed and truth faded—not the faintest possibility of an absolute.”

Mr. Swanson takes us through some of the changes and gives us basic definitions between culture and worldview.  As Christians, we need to see the connections between our culture and worldview.  It is easy for us to say that we have a Christian worldview.  But do we really?  A man is known by his fruit.  What fruit are we producing?  All we have to do is see what music we listen to, what books we read, what games we play, what movies we watch, what we browse on the internet; they all point to our worldview.  Do these things glorify God (1 Corinthians 6:19-20), are they true, honorable, just, pure, lovely, commendable, excellent, worthy of praise (Philippians 4:8)?  “Unless Christian families can properly see the connections between culture and the worldview they reflect, many more will be “spoiled by philosophies and vain deceit after the traditions of men” (Colossians 2:5).

“Which cultural forms represent apostasy and which represent a commitment to orthodoxy?”

This is a very convicting book.  Do you want to see your children and grandchildren go down the path to holiness?  Take a look at what Mr. Swanson brings to light and see if you are making godly choices in what you allow your family to partake of.

“Western culture is committing suicide.”  What can we do, as Christians, to turn the culture back to a godly standard?  It will take “men and women who are honestly and consistently committed to truth and righteousness…”  We need more churches preaching the gospel weekly and more men and women living out the Great Commission by making disciples of those that God saves.  And we must begin in our own homes.

I challenge you to read this book and see what worldview you hold, you might be surprised at what you find.

tattooed Jesus

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It is amazing what they teach (or don’t teach) in the public schools…

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We rarely get what we deserve…

hagar the horrible

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“The First Time We Saw Him: Awakening to the Wonder of Jesus” (book review)

I was very interested and intrigued by the title of the book, The First Time We Saw Him: awakening to the Wonder of Jesus especially after reading his intent, “…to shake us out of our preconceptions, to give us a jolt, to make us look at our dear, beloved, familiar Jesus through new eyes.”  “…to make it (the Bible) all real to us again.”

Unfortunately what he succeeded in doing was trivialize the Bible and transforming it into a cheap pulp fiction paperback which made caricatures out of real people’s lives as recorded in the Bible. An example of this was when the author felt the need to sensualize the time when a sinful woman came to worship Jesus while he was in a Pharisee’s home, providing him with the customary foot washing which should have been provided by the Pharisee. She did so by humbly washing his feet with her tears and drying them with her hair and kissing his feet. Instead the author decides that we need to be shocked and titillated by having this woman massaging Jesus and kissing him all over his neck and face and hair.

Another example is when time he cheapens Jesus’ sacrifice for us on the cross, portraying Him as a weak effeminate male who did not want to die for our sins and kicked and flailed his legs during his lynching. Rather than portray Him as the suffering Messiah who chose to willingly go to the cross to die for our sins.

I understand the importance of the need to use words understandable by the people of this current day to communicate the message of the gospel story, but there certainly is no need to change the gospel story in such a manner that they are unrecognizable from the original text. I would recommend that the author trying reading Walter Wangerin’s book, The Book of God: the Bible as Novel if he needs an example on how to write books in this genre.

He should try sticking to the original story and not try to retell the gospel narrative for today. And trust that the living Word of God can still speak to people’s hearts from the beautiful message He has already provided.

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